Abdul sattar edhi report

For many in the wider world who may not have heard of him, we lost a very special soul yesterday. Abdul Sattar Edhi, Chairman of the Edhi Foundation, which runs the largest free ambulance service in the world, passed away at the age of

Abdul sattar edhi report

Air Force to discuss the military advisory and equipment procurement for the Pakistan Air Force.: Asghar reportedly in a view of disapproving the second war with India over the Kashmir issue in — later, he was replaced before the second war broke out between two nations. Asghar took over the command of the air force as its first and the youngest air commander in the military— he was only at the age of 36 at that time of promotion.

Asghar Khan's rank was upgrades to three-star rank.: Asghar Khan soon become involved in the national politics and harboured strong feelings towards nation's politicians involved in monetary corruption.: Ayub Khan against navy commanderV-Adm.

Asghar played crucial role in support of the martial law and consolidating the control in support of Gen. Ayub Khan, alongside with Admiral A. Khan and four army and air Abdul sattar edhi report generals: AzamAmirWajidwho were instrumental in Ayub Khan's rise to power.: Lt-Gen Asghar backed the actions for the martial law enforcement which he viewed necessary step to eradicate the corrupt practices found in the nation's politics.: Lt-Gen Asghar was given the first extension and was allowed to continue the command of the air force.: Lt-Gen Asghar was approved for the second extension from the President Ayub Khanwhich was set till Air Force to continue training and supported the test pilot program where many of Pakistan air force's pilots qualified as career test pilots on U.

Lt-Gen Asghar reportedly was in conflict with the army department led by its army commander Gen. Musa Khan when he questioned over the contingency plans and secret infiltration in Indian side of Kashmir. Lt-Gen Asghar reported that the air force department nor the naval department was kept informed by the military planners when the second war with India broke out in Nur Khan was appointed his post.: Lt-Gen Asghar was replaced from his command appointment, the Pakistan Air Force had been formidable branch of the armed forces.

Abdul sattar edhi report

Lt-Gen Asghar qualified to fly the commercial airline and obtained his commercial license. Lt-Gen Asghar transformed the corporate culture into professionalism when he introduced new uniforms for the air hostesses and stewards which earned words of admiration at domestic and international airports.

Lt-Gen Asghar eventually retired from his military service and later left the corporate affairs of the airlines, also in Asghar Khan instigated multiple Dharna movements to remove the elected civilian governments in Pakistan over the leveled accusations of monetary corruption throughout the s and the The outstanding feature is suppression.

Zia-ul-Haq of reminding them of not to obey the law of their civilian superiors.: Ziasupported by Chairman joint chiefs Adm. SharifAsghar Khan began opposing the Zia administration and called for supporting the restoration of democracy.

Criticism on state, military and politicians[ edit ] Main articles: Criticism of PakistanPakistan Army and state-sponsored terrorism in India and AfghanistanGang of Four in Pakistan Armyand Civilian control of the military During this political career, Asghar Khan was very critical of Pakistan Army 's involvement in the politics and issued strong criticism to Pakistan Army's general in first instance inwhich led to his imprisonment— he stressed the importance of the civilian control of the military for the economic development.: In the last over 60 yearsIndia has never attacked Pakistanas it cannot afford it.

Indians know well, if Pakistan is destroyed, they will be the next target It was made our problem that one day India would invade us.

But we did so four times and the first attack was on Kashmir, where Maharaja was not prepared to accede to India for he wanted to join Pakistan and waited for this for 21 days. Indian forces came to East-Pakistan when people were being slaughtered there.

Moreover, again at Kargil, Indian never mounted an assaultAll current affairs for 17 September with detail analysis focused for UPSC, Banks and all competitve exams. Take quizzes on current affairs. Abdul Sattar Edhi Founder Profile. Abdul Sattar Edhi was born in in a small village of Bantva near Joona Garh, Gujrat (India).

The seeds of compassion for the suffering humanity were sown in his soul by his mother’s infirmity. The names of the six alleged rapists who are not arrested are Abdul Sattar, Munawir Ali, Murzada, alias Ghulam Ali, Bashir Ahmed and Khadim Hussain who are allegedly the cronies of a provincial minister, Nadir Akmal Khan Leghari, who is harbouring them, reports the Asian Human Rights Commission.

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), famously known as Pakistani Taliban, is the deadliest among all indigenous militant outfits. Abdul Sattar Edhi, Chairman of the Edhi Foundation, which runs the largest free ambulance service in the world, passed away at the age of His last words were, "Meray mulk k ghareebo ka khiyal rakhna " which means "take care of poor Pakistanis".

In a national TV news report on the death of Pakistan's philanthropist and humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi, this reporter may have gone a little too far.

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